I missed an excessively big hole

On the 10th of February, we flew back from Amsterdam to Jakarta. Turkish Airlines didn’t cancel our flight as it did on the way to Amsterdam before Christmas, so we were happy about that. However, the days before departure we were a bit hesitant if we would depart or not as it seemed for a little while like the weather was going to change our plans. Anyways, we departed safely after the border control checking our visas and Corona tests thoroughly. Luckily, Turkish airlines weren’t making a problem about our excess baggage, and this time we knew that on the airplane they were only serving cold catering because of the Pandemic. So, we came prepared by bringing our own food and by eating our dinner at one of the many delicious Turkish delis at Istanbul airport.

The flight went by fast, we both had a good sleep and when we arrived in Jakarta, we started preparing our quarantine. The Indonesian government started a mandatory quarantine on arrival in Jakarta in one of the many hotels. While finding out we missed one suitcase, we had to choose a hotel and depart with a private shuttle to our hotel.

We needed to stay there for five nights while doing two tests, one on arrival and one on departure. While staying in the hotel we were allowed to use the bar/restaurant of the hotel, however as that place was Jakarta level expensive, we often ordered food in. The staff was super kind and Redy and I even made some friends. Also, the campus, the hotel is on, was big and therefore we could go for runs daily. As Redy and I really got into a nice rhythm running on a daily basis in Holland. However, the second day I joined Redy and didn’t make it longer than two minutes. Let’s just say I forgot for a second that the roads in Jakarta aren’t the same as the ones in Nijverdal. I missed an excessively big hole in the road and sprained my ankle.

Since then, I have had my leg up and tried to stay off of it as much as possible. Which was easy in Jakarta quarantine but as soon as we travelled to Karimunjawa this was a bit more difficult so when I arrived on the island my ankle was huge and blue. After a week of crutches, it is getting better now. People here strongly believe in the healing effect of massages for various body complaints. So, I heard ‘’ Did you get a massage already?’’, numerous times.

Coincidently one of Redy’s contact was in Jakarta for fish transport the day we were checking out so they could bring our big suitcases straight to Jepara with his truck. Considering my ankle, that was great so Redy didn’t have to carry all our heavy bags on his own. The flight from Jakarta to Semarang was easy and quick, after a small stop at the mall for some groceries, we travelled straight to Jepara to take the boat the next day. We are happy we did because after Wednesday (17-02) the boat didn’t leave for a week due to the high waves.

Back on the island, everything looked great, the staff took perfect care of Basa-basi and Squish or cat. We were very very happy to see our friends and family again and after I am back on my feet, we can’t wait to set up our ‘’new’’ business in 2021.

I promise the next update will be a bit shorter, my intention is to share an update once every two weeks. Also, besides the blog here I will keep on sharing photos and videos on Instagram. Besides checking my feed, you can find a weekly update from my stories in my highlight @fleurvdkasteele.