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About us

Hi there, I am Redy, back in 2019 my wife and I founded Basa-basi Karimunjawa. Being born and raised on this idyllic island, I wasn’t surprised that the love for my community, the island life, and our archipelago sanctuary transcended from me to my wife. This became the foundation of our business, wanting to share our love for this incredible life, we call ‘The Island Life’, with everybody who likes to be welcomed in our humbled yet warm and cheerful home. Basa-basi will make you want to explore all these undiscovered corners of nature, people, and yourself. A place to settle down and completely relax, so you will forget for a second where it is you traveled to. Our community-based service and the natural elements of this magical island will make your heartache for more real connections when it’s finally time to go home. The ultimate island escapade that will never ever make you forget this little place called Karimunjawa in the middle of the Java sea. See you soon!


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